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Hello! My name is Sophia, and I am a 19-year-old infatuated with the phenomenon of love. On this website, you'll find short stories, articles, and poems encompassing the many different aspects of romantic love and relationships. I work hard to make these writings personal and through the eyes of my most authentic, vulnerable self, so I hope that many of you can relate to these experiences, that my words are not empty. <3

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About The Blog

Ever since I was little, I have always been fascinated by love; I adored watching characters fall in love through all different sorts of media: movies, TV shows, and books. Since I have gotten older, that adoration has only grown, amplified by my own real-life experiences. To me, creative writing is something concrete that I, from the future, am always able to transport myself back to, a time when I felt most alive and vulnerable. I find the presence of love is directly related to the presence of vitality. Hope you enjoy <3

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