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An Introduction...

Updated: Jan 10

"An Introduction"

“All that you are is all that I’ll ever need”

-Ed Sheeran

What a beautiful quote. Ed Sheeran--the absolute epitome of romance today. It’s lyrics like these that make me so in love with the concept of love. It’s displayed so perfectly in a song like this. You see, I am the ultimate hopeless romantic who has watched literally every romantic T.V. show/movie on Netflix, even those really awful Hallmark Christmas movies that have absolutely no plot. Those perfect guys like Damon Salvatore, the doctor, and Chuck Bass literally have given me life. We’ve all been there where we obsess, irrationally, over fictional characters, haven’t we? However, as much as I’d like to believe all those wonderful guys and their respective love stories are real, they’re not.

Evidently, the whole world of actual relationships seems foreign; it’s obviously different from everything I’ve ever known, so I am constantly in this battle of really desperately wanting a boyfriend and then being inordinately scared of that very thought. I feel like I am Taylor Swift in her “Mine” music video where all she does is stare at her waiter very dramatically and then proceeds to imagine, in the span of like 20 seconds, a whole story in her head that encompasses their future marriage and kids together. It’s things like that music video that make me randomly long to drink hot chocolate and read a nice book at some chic café to find a really handsome man sitting there; we would then proceed to talk to each other and later, fall in love. It’s all very wonderful in my head. But then I come back to reality. I come back from my daydreaming, and I really just am unable to find those specific things I’ve always desired. And that is where everything backfires.

The important question arises: Am I expecting too much? With having absolutely no experience in a single relationship, I have nothing to compare the love portrayed on screens and the ones that exist in our world. Is all this hope detrimental to a chance at happiness that might cross my path? But then again, is it really bad to expect that much? If I care so much about this one aspect of my life, if it consumes so many of my thoughts and so much of my time, shouldn’t it be amazing when I really do finally achieve it? The idea of love has been so ingrained into my happiness that if I let my perception of it slip just a little, it would be rather, albeit unnecessarily, detrimental.

But then I keep remembering the thing that makes real love superior to its other cinematic forms. Real love is superior simply for the fact that it’s real. It’s a whole other story; it is unable to be compared. It’s observable, and it is something I, myself, actually have the potential to experience. Real love, with its various imperfections, can really be felt. It includes those random moments when you see people in a Starbucks or a doctor’s office that you just immediately fall head over heels for. I read an Instagram post recently that adorably tried to answer the prompt “Why I Might Be in Love With You.” All of the answers were simple, stupid things like “you smiled when you got a text” or “you closed your eyes when you sang a song.” However insignificant these things may seem to be, they are wonderful. They are real, amazing reasons to fall in love that reflect our society so honestly. Its authenticity is something that can never be replaced.

It always lights up my day when I see people that truly love each other. The way they smile at each other, the way you can see the happiness spread across their faces, makes you stop and just stare. It’s real; it’s palpable, and you’re there with them. You are on their same plane of existence. You have that same potential. That’s what makes real love so irreplaceably special: the irrefutable, undeniable fact that one day, you might just get to feel it yourself.

All that past hoping, all that worrying about whether love would ever come, would turn into some peaceful night by the fire with the person you most ardently cherish.

Yeah, I’m hopeful.

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