• Sophia Marie George

"Falling" in Love

Updated: Jan 10

"'Falling' in Love"

You’ve heard the stories

You’ve heard the tales

About how love

Has made men fail

It’s all because of women,

That this happens to them

While men are so tired and exhausted,

We’re somehow indestructible and covered with sin

Why do we say falling in love?

Why is it a negativity, something that makes men less tough?

Why do we think women bring them down

Instead of lifting them higher when we’re around?

Why can love be so hated?

It makes me so frustrated

Love is a weakness, we constantly get told

Advocating for what? That we’ll never experience it and soon grow old and cold?

I don’t like this equation of women with sinful beings

They don’t think twice about the words they use and all their mistreating

Don’t they know I care for you more than myself?

I’ve given so much up that there’s little room for anything else

I love you so much

I want to take all your pain away,

If they forced me out with a gun,

I’d fight back and stay

Don’t they see the loyalty within us?

We are so much more than those who use the manipulative tool of lust

Why do we say “falling” in love

Why is it somehow a negativity, that we women make men less tough?

Why do they think we bring them down

Instead of lifting men up when we’re around?

Why is love described in a way that’s perverse,

Thinking women calculate and rehearse?

Why do men have to fall at all?

I love you so much and want you to stand so tall

I don’t claim we’re all great

Some are mean, there’s not even a need to state

But you have to know that I love you for you

And that I’m not searching for anything bad to do

Don’t you see

Your soul means everything to me

I don’t need any property

Or an expensive, shiny ring

Don’t you see

How I want to build you up

For me, just you and the clothes on your back is enough

I’d do anything for you

How dare they see me as selfish and shrewd.

Why do men have to fall?

They go to battle for us and die when the enemy comes to call

They become weaker because of their vulnerability

Like when Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth’s own uncertainty

But we hardly really ever plan and conspire

For we are filled with that same exact self-sacrificing desire

If they cursed you out or beat you up

With you, I’d swing back and deliver a punch

If they struck you down and declared you virtually dead

I’d be there to heal you as you lie sick in your bed

So I must ask you this,

After all that I’ve said

I must ask you if you share their same sentiment

After all this I’ve explained,

After I’ve described the unfairness in all their blame

Would you yourself fight for me?

When they’ve gone and said all those horrible things?

Would you pronounce me evil and like a witch?

Would you call me a suspicious, lying bitch?

When they’ve gone and put all those shackles on me,

Would you agree when they declared my culpability?

I hope you don’t

I hope that you stand up and say

Yeah, she has power over me, but I have just the same

She’s crazy about me, and I’m crazy about her

And that’s what we call love, your honor

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