• Sophia Marie George

The Complacency in "Love"

Updated: Jan 10

"The Complacency in 'Love'"

Why is it that I care so much about how it is that you perceive me

Why do I cut you so much slack when you only mistreat me

Why do I search for worth

In the sharp knives of your hands

Why is it that I think you’re the only start to the place I want to end up in

Why is it that I take your advice

When it is so poorly placed

Why is it that I let you curse me out

And then touch my face

Why do I forgive you

For all the shit you’ve done

Why do I think you’re the only one

Why do I come back to you

When I could have so many others

Why are they so much more

And yet you’re still the one I want to call lover

Why is it that I raise you so high

So that I can’t ever see

You for you truly

And all the harm you have caused me

And I’ll keep forgiving, and I’ll still forget

Because despite all your dirty white lies

You still give me half-compliments

And though you’re horrible and don’t treat me right

When you say I’m sexy, I want you to be mine

When you don’t say you love me

But when you squeeze my back

When you say you hate me

But want to pierce my neck

When you say I look so good in those fish-net tights

I can’t help but want you to be mine

Because I’m so lonely

And I’m so sad

I will do anything to appease you

So that you don’t get mad

And when you’re drunk and tell me

You want to hook up

You at least say something positive that makes me look up

And though I can smell

Your alcohol breath

There is something true and kind in those objectifying words

That you’ve said

You’re kind of sober

So that’s just fine

After all, love and abuse can be a fine fine, line

You can sometimes make me feel better

So I guess I’ll take the hits

I’ll let you sometimes praise my body

Even if you only crush my soul to bits

You’re kind of sober

So I guess that’s fine

I’ll continue to want you to be mine.

And in the morning

When all from the previous night is done

When the towels are dry and you familiarize yourself again with the bright sun

You’ll tell me you’re sorry

I’ll tell you it’s fine

And we’ll repeat this cycle

Till the end of time.

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